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Grow your business with a powerful lead magnet and weekly, engaging blog posts.


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You’ve done all the hard work of bringing traffic to your site–now what?

Someone coming to your site for the first time is statistically unlikely to buy from you right away.

Two big reasons for this:

1) They Lack Trust: are you really the expert that can solve their problem?

2) The Timing Isn’t Right: they have a problem and have taken the first steps to finding a solution.

Whatever the reason they’re not ready to buy, one thing is certain: you cannot afford to let them leave forever.

You know you SHOULD have a killer lead magnet and a consistent posting schedule, but you don’t because…

There’s a thousand reasons why you haven’t put this together yet:

​You’re too busy… 

You don’t know how… 

You don’t know what to write about…

But here’s some good news: Funnel Labs has you covered.

You can stay focused on growing and running your business. We’ll handle writing an irresistible email opt-in course, making sure the optin form works, writing a piece of new content every week, and sending email update to your list.


Research & Writing

Once you sign up, we’ll hop on a quick call to learn more about your business and the specific audience you are targeting. ​

Next, we’ll put in the time to research this​ specific audience and the solution your business offers them.

From there, we’ll come up with a few email drip campaign ideas that will speak to their needs, enticing them to subscribe to your list.

Finally, we’ll write a series of emails that will teach them something valuable, or tell a compelling story, gently moving them to a place where they’re eager to hear how you can help them.

Next we’ll set up an email marketing campaign (using Drip, our favorite marketing automation software).

After we connect your site with Drip, we’ll set up the emails we wrote to send automatically when someone ​subscribes.

We’ll manage all the ‘behind the scenes’ work to integrate things seamlessly that will “just work” without you needing to lift a finger.

Build a campaign

Weekly Blog Posts

Now that you’ve got a compelling opt-in offer, and a list of potential customers eager to hear from you, it’s time to keep them warm and engaged. How? By sending relevant, engaging email​ updates.

​Each week we’ll research, write, and send an email to the list you’re building. These emails will ​strike a balance between being conversational and educational or informative.

They’ll learn to expect to hear from you each week, and look forward to the insights you have to share.

It’s a great way to engage with your ​subscribers, and​ prime your audience to buy your products/services when the time is right–all without needing anything from you.

No-Hassle $999/mo Flat-Fee Pricing

A month’s worth of content marketing, taken care of, for one simple price.

Taking the next step is easy, and free of obligation. Just fill out the form below and we’ll schedule a no-cost consultation to see if we’re a good fit.

No high-pressure sales, no one reading from a script, just a casual chat to see if it’d be a good idea to move forward.

You Have Question? We have Answers!

Q: Do I have to sign a contract?

A: Nope! This is a month to month service. You pay money, we do your content. You stop; we stop.

Q: Do I get a say in what you write about?

A: Absolutely! Every month we’ll send you the plan, a list of topics for every week. You can give the 👍 or 👎 and we’ll come up with new topics for you no problem.

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